Redecorate your bedroom - it's time!

Does your bedroom need a bit of a refresher and don't know where to start? A new coat of paint is a good starting point, but there are many ways to make this space into a warm, cosy spot for the winter time.

In order to figure out what you want, your need to figure out what you don't like about your bedroom currently. This could be for a number of reasons, from being improperly furnished to lacking a clear design aesthetic. 

Maybe the bedroom is lacking light and feels more like a basement room than a space to relax with a book or lounge around in on a lazy weekend morning. 

You'll need to identify why you're unhappy with your bedroom in order to create your perfect space!

You want to make a statement

This is the room that you're meant to be spending at least 8 hours in every day.  Whether that's subtle decor that you bring to personalise the room or a bold design statement in the bedroom.

Start with what you already have.  What do you have in the room that you love.  The bed, a quality set of wooden draws, an attractive window-seat in the corner that just needs a little love.  Sometimes starting with what works is a great way to get inspired.  You can then choose a colour that suits both you and your room.

Pick a colour scheme that appeals to your personality, whether it's fresh white walls, or a splash of colour, you want tsomething that you're excited to come home to. Mitchell Decorators can even help you with what works in your space.

Then work with textures and shapes to really bring the room to life. When it comes to making a statement, think about incorporating interesting shapes into the space.

Think about adding features such as your favourite photograph print, a large painting, a feature mirror or a funky vase.

Make it your oasis

Perhaps you feel like your bedroom reflects your personality, but it's simply hopeless to relax in. 

For instance, you might be happy with the colour scheme or size of the room, but want to create a more luxurious environment. Fortunately, a few simple additions make this easy enough to achieve, without requiring major renovations.

Plush floor-length curtains create a sense of cosiness, while extra thick bedding and European pillows speak instant relaxation.

Think about creating lighting hot spots around the room, too. For instance, in addition to the overhead lighting, you could add some lamps with a lower wattage around the bedroom, so you can adjust the focal point of lights at your own whim.

A fluffy rug at the foot of the bed can help tie your colour scheme together nicely, but it also makes the space more cosy and intimate. Place the rug so that the end of the bed rests on it in order to incorporate the rug into the space properly.

You want the space to feel like your own

Your room only feels like yours when you feel completely safe and comfortable in this space.  There are many finishing touches that can make you feel more at home.

A really comfortable bed and bedding situation create a safe haven for your room. Technically, if there's a bed in the space, you've created a bedroom but that is not the only thing to really make things comfortable.

Choose carpet that brings comfort and warmth to the room.

If the room is lacking privacy but you still want light to flow freely into the room, consider sheer curtains.

Finally, a vase of flowers and a statement piece of artwork are the ideal finishing touches for a welcoming space that truly feels like a bedroom.

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