Minimalist colouring to help create your home oasis

Let’s talk about colour! Your home is your oasis and a calming space away from the hastiness of life.

Minimalism is a growing trend of decluttering and focusing on fewer features in order to avoid to free yourself from clutter and create your perfect environment. Minimalism starts with the walls.

Minimalism in the home is often associated with white walls and black accents, but that doesn't always have to be the case. A minimalist house can have a range of soft colours that complement each other to create simple colour palettes. In fact, adding colour can take an interior from looking sterile to cosy, without compromising the minimalist style.

Here are our top colours for creating the perfect minimalist colour palette.

Dulux Terrace White:

A calm light grey colour, Dulux Terrace White creates a neutral colour while not just choosing white. This is a great colour for bathrooms or a spare room and can be couple with a blue tone colour to add a splash of colour to your space.

Resene Alaska:

A aesthetically pleasing blue, Resene Alaska creates a cool, crisp environment perfect for any minimalist space. This colour can work well in bedrooms or kitchens as blue is a peaceful colour. This colour can be coupled with neutral shades or even brighter colours to develop ambience in the room. Adding touches of blue gives a room a calming vibe, while highlighting red accents.

Ellen Half:

We think the reason that millennial pink is such a trending colour at the moment is the energy it creates in the room. We love Dulux Ellen Half to create a cosy, hygge feeling in a room while also looking neutral. This colour looks crisp with greens and greys. This trend looks like it is here to stay.

Resene Half Grey Friars

We think dark colours don’t have to be scary. A rich grey will add so much value to your interior with the right aesthetics. Dark colours create a cocooning and intimate feel while adding a touch of mystery. We’ve got a thing for Resene Half Grey Friars coupled with white or cream. Minimalism doesn’t mean that you can’t have a bit of fun with colour and tones. We suggest you talk to us today about how to create your perfect minimalist oasis.

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